Purchased the Second BlackMagic Ursa Mini 12K

Bought the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra with 20 core CPU. 64 core GPU, 32 core Neural Engine, 128 Gb of unified memory

Acquired the first BlackMagic Ursa Mini 12K and the BlackMagic Fairlight Desktop Console


Built and composited the bridge and landscape miniatures for the End Titles


Completing the last section of the mid-sized miniature that the camera sees and I can move on the bridge miniature and the 12th scale interior miniature.

Two shots completed with the medium sized miniature.  Miniature is ready to shoot the next 3 shots with it.  After that I have to shoot the actress' footage and comp her into the shots.


Getting the miniature detailed with surface moss on what shows up in the frame for the first shot to shoot with this miniature.


Updated the post production computer with AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12 core 3.8GHz Processor CPU, ASRock X570 Creator Motherboard, and GIGABYTE - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 video cards and networked
it with the Mac pro 2013

Got the BlackMagic Resolve Keyboard for fast editing in Resolve 16

Also My friend Pete and I built the first prototype retro-reflective bluescreen/greenscreen ring light.  The 2nd one we are building will also be able to do redscreen too.


Starting to weather and age detail the mid-sized miniature surfaces


Internal fireplace lighting installed and flickering like fire and the interior floor that is seen by the camera laid in and the grouting painted in on the walls.  Now to grout the floor and then age and weather.

Cast the roof and detailed the inner wall of the rear wall on the arts the camera will see.


The floor and rear wall are now mounted.  Now I just need to make mold and cast the roof and sculpt and cast the detailing on the rear wall and mold and cast it.  I am wallpapering stone flooring on the floor.


Roof is sculpted.  Now to let it cure, fill in the cracks, make a silicone and mother mold of it and cast it.

First side of the roof sculpted.

Cast all the walls and put a aluminum frame together and bolted them on it.


Left wall is cast and now glove molding and mother molding the right wall.


Roof all marked out and lower balls mounted and ready for throwing clay on to sculpt.

Almost have the base structure for the roof complete.  Now to mount the three lower balls on each corner, make a base, then start marking it up and sculpting on it.

Started building the roof section. Once I cut the areas where the left chimney and right stairwell section goes I will start slapping clay on it, sculpt it and mold and cast it.


Bottom section of front face of chimney is sculpted.  In 3 or 4 days I will spray it with Lacquer and the mold and cast it.  Now on to the roof and finish the chimney then paint and detail it.  I can't wait till it is
done and camera ready so I can shoot it for the shots I need with this miniature.

Almost have the tower section of the mid sized castle sculpted with all the areas that will show to the camera.  Just need to finish the front wall, build the roof section, finish the chimney and side section
and most cast them and then off to painting. Here is a quick test composit of one of the shots I will shoot first with this miniature.


Learned how to make silicone 1 piece pour, glove and mother molds and cast from them and now making the sections for the mid-sized sections of the castle miniature



Added the Behringer X-Touch Audio Control Panel to control Fairlight until the Fairlight Desktop Panel is available

Behringer X-touch

Rebuilt the framing for a bigger Aqueduct bridge as the last one was too short for the shot and started sculpting the gargoyles for gang molding for the
medium Castle Miniature section to shoot 9 more shots.



Purchased pro skate board wheel sled for our Dolly so now we can run on Pneumatic wheels for ground and these for tacks

Added ADX Instant DialogCleaner to our Post Production Tools and Hedge Canister for LTO Drive Management


Also added the Zoom-H3-VR for Ambisonic sound effects recording or 5.1, 7.2 and Atmos mixes.

Added the Blackmagic Design Fairlight PCIE Audio Accelerator Card to the Windows machine for blazing performance with amazing sub-millisecond latency on all 1,000 tracks along with full
real time processing of EQ, expanded/gate, compressor and limiter dynamics, and up to 6 real time VST plug-ins per channel to run audio through the BlackMagic Ultra Studio 4K Extreme.

Final version of DaVinci Resolve 15 is out of Beta.

Temp composition but 75% there. I still have work to do on the matted edges and need to feather them, as well as shooting the rear sky when cloudy weather comes in (using a temp sky pic from the Internet for the sky in this)
and the CGI chimney smoke plume, an I still need to shoot the tree branch the camera dollies out from under but everything is starting to fall into place in the shot. Once I get the refinements in it will totally
look like it was all shot together.

Shot the smaller castle miniature for the Castle Reveal shot. Now I just need to shoot the cloud sky and tree branch he camera dollies out from under.

Until the New Mac Pro comes out in late 2019, got a 6 Core Intel i7-8700K 4.7GHz TurboCore Processor CPU, 64 GB Crucial Ballistic Sport LT PC4-22400 RAM,
Samsung 970 EVO 250GB M.2 Drive, GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 with 3584 CUDA cores

Ultraviolet blue screen mounted and the small castle miniature is prepped for it's last shot

Upper valley cliff painted and detailed and ready to shoot

Upper section of the valley cliff miniature is sculpted. Now I just have to wait for it to dry, paint and detail it, then build the blue screens to go behind it and shoot it.

Prepping the smallest miniature for it's last shot. After this. onto a bigger miniature section of the castle that will be a lot easier to shoot. No overhead shots. No CGI water or waterfalls.

Got a LG27UK650 4K HDR Slim 27" UHD (3840x2160) Monitor and a X-Rite i1 Display Pro Monitor Calibrator OEM 2018 Rev B


Upgraded to DaVinci Resolve 15 with Fusion Visual Effects built into it

Got the RAID working and ran the speed test. Rated for 4K RAW Cinema DNG editing.

Completed the 2nd shot with the smallest miniature that comprises of 40 separate passes. Now to hand the plates off to the CGI guy for the waterfall, river, smoke and other CGI elements.

Added Time In Pixels False Color Plug-in for Resolve

Miniature had to be extended but is ready for 2nd shot. Just have to add in a new lower blue screen

Added Soundspot Axis VST

Added the CCTECH CFAST to SSD converter to replace the Atoch

Added the Paralinx ACE HDMI Transmitter and Receiver to complete my Wireless Follow Focus rig.

Added Minimal System Group's Nebula Space Reverb, Dreamscape and Punch Evolved


Two of the separate lightning blasts with Atmospheric haze and clouds before sending it to the CGI guy to generate the river, waterfall, birds, smoke plume and other elements


Now shooting miniature for Alone in 4K January 27, 2017

Finally able to get the thing I wanted from Halloween II 1981 to add to my display case when I get my office for films that inspired me to be a film maker and remind me to
strive to make good films. A 3D representation of the logo from the film poster. No I just need to get something from John Carpenter's The Thing and The Fog and the stuff
for the Display Case is done.

Finally got my Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus in

Getting the miniature and HDRI ball set up ready to shoot this weekend. 184 separate passes.

Got the Elgato Stream Deck for Resolve

Added Air Music Technologies Vacuum Pro Synthesizer with the Fresh Air Pack


Added Air Music Technologies Hybrid 3 Synthesizer with The Vault, Dark Parallax and Analog Trap Expansion Packs for Hybrid 3


Added Waves Abbey Road Reverb Plates

Added Waves UM225 / UM226 and F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ


Added Waves Vitamin Sonic Enhancer, Renaissance Bass and LoAir


Added both Waves Dorrough Stereo and SoundShifter


Also added Air Music Technologies Hybrid 3 Synthesizer for additional scoring options

Added Soundspot's Cyclone, Focus, Halycon, MSW1, Oracle, Orbit, Overtone, Propane, and VoxBox audio plugins.




Added NX Virtual Mix Room over Headphones to do 5.1 mixes over headphones

Upgraded to Poser 11

Got both East West Symphonic Choirs Platinum and Hollywood Strings Diamond music creation programs for symphonic scores


We finally have the CGI miniature matching the live miniature and can start testing adding in waterfall, smoke plume and atmospheric haze elements to miniature shots.
After these tests will be shooting all shots with this miniature shortly and getting them in the can.


Now using the Adam Wilt Cine Meter II with Luxi Attachment for light metering

Finally added Vue Infinite 2016 for VFX

Added Abbey Road's Reel ADT to our audio plugins

We got the base CGI stand in model of the first miniature to add effects and overlay over the miniature footage done so I can start shooting again.

Purchased ADX Speech Volume Control

Got the 2nd Neumann KM 185

Added Izotope Iris 2 for more synths for scoring

Added Waves DeBreath, Non Linear Summer and SynchorArts VocAlign Pro 4 to our post production arsenal of plug-ins


Purchased Agisoft photoscanning software to scan in models to add CGI elements

Added Waves IR360 Convolution Reverb and Brauer Motion Plugins to our sound design arsenal


Updated Mac OS to High Sierra

Added the Waves WLM Plus Loudness Meter to ensure proper loudness levels for various delivery formats

Getting the new AppleTV 4K with Dolby Vision HDR

Miniature skinned and ready for clay as soon as I find a place to shoot it at


Framing for the Teaser Trailer Miniature completed. Now to skin it with plywood

Started building the miniature for the Teaser/Indygogo trailer

Got the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM for miniature shooting

Upgrade to Fusion 9.0.1 Compositing software with the Delta Keyer

Upgraded to DaVinci Resolve 14.2

Added the Waves J37 Abbey Road Tape Deck Plugin

Got a Sony HDRAX33 Handicam to do animatics and behind the scenes Docs

Ordered the Zeiss Milvus 21mm f/2.8 and 85mm f/1.4 lenses. One more lense to got to complete my set

Ordered the Cineo HSX to light greenscreens with

Ordered the Zeiss Milvus 18mm f2.8 lens

Purchased the Marantz Professional Audio Scope B11-C 11-foot Metal Microphone Boom Pole with Foam Grip & Integral XLR Cable

Got the Black Magic 4K Video Assist with scopes.

Finally got to take the Ursa Mini Pro out for a test. The first time a digital camera shots like film

Got the first Neumann SKM 185 NI Stereo Matched Microphone. 2nd one coming shortly

Just got the Neumann KMR81i Professional Shotgun Mic

Ordered the Zoom F-Control for my F8 Multi-track Field Recorders

Just purchased the Zeiss Milvus Transport Case to safely hold and transport my Zeiss Milvus Lenses

Ordered the Tilta Nucleus-M wireless follow focus. Being delivered when released in July 2017

Mosaic Engineering VAF/IR Filter for Ursa Mini Pro 4K and the Atoch C2S Digital Bulk Loader CFast to SSD Adapter


Just got the Sony VCT-14 V-Lock Quick Release Tripod Base-plate Adapter for the Ursa shoulder mount kit on a tripod

Just got the Jason Case for the Black Magic Ursa Mini

Purchased the Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Video Head & 546B Pro Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader

Just ordered the first of the planned 4 Anton Bauer Cine Battery 150 V Mount and Performance Quad V-Mount Battery Charger


Now running DaVinci Resolve 14 Public Beta with Fairlight Motion Picture Audio Post Production Suite

Also adding the Ursa Mini Shoulder Mount Kit to our Production Gear

Adding Ursa Mini Pro to our arsenal of cameras

Ursa Mini pro

Starting on training on Fusion 8 Effects Software

Purchased the Black Magic Resolve Mini Panel for Resolve Color Correction

CPU updated to 12 core 2.7 GHz

Purchased an 8 Bay Thunderbolt 2 Hardware RAID enclosure to enable fast editing of 4K RAW footage that can be upgraded to Thunderbolt 3 to be filled with 8 6TB drives.

Upgrading 6 core CPU to Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2 12-Core 2.7GHz Processor

Using Duet Display and my Ipad to monitor scopes on an Ipad monitor stand

The original Resolve book had errors, so got the official Resolve Guide from BM and Digital Compositing with Black Magic Fusion: Essential Techniques


Got an X-Keys XK-80 USB Programmable Keyboard for programming shortcuts from the major programs as one button pushes

Just got the Logic Back-lit Pro Tools Keyboard

Replacing the skin for the Mac Keyboard with a back-lit actual Resolve keyboard.

Also learning Black Magic Fusion with the Tutorial book buy Sham Tickoo

Currently doing Learning DaVinci Resolve 12.5 course by Dion Scoppettuolo

Now running DaVinci 12.5.4 and Fusion 8.2.1


Installed Waves Greg Wells VoiceCentric, Greg Wells MixCentric


Installed Waves Vocal Rider And Greg Wells ToneCentric and S1 Stereo Imager plug-ins for ProTools


Installed Hedge 1.4 for Mac which speed Data Transfer Software

Ordered the IsoAcoustics Isolation Stands for each speaker and the Sub-woofer

Ordered the 2nd Black magic Multi-dock

Updated Black Magic Video Assist with update 2.3 with False Color Exposure Assist and LUT support.

Purchased the LG OLEDB6P 55" OLED TV for the production office as testing shows it is a reference monitor with 10 bit DolbyVision HDR for Color Correcting.

LightWave Film Master Pack, LightWave Skintone Pack, and the LightWave Skin Mod Pack

Ordered our new post production video and audio desk. We are getting ready to look for an office space soon.

Just got the Rode Blimp and Dead Cat Windshield

New Soft Synth Sonic Projects OP-X PRO-II

Updated Production Computer to Mac OS Sierra

Just purchased SpeedLooks Log for DaVinci Resolve and Log footage

Now running DaVinci Resolve 12.5.1

Purchased the Black Magic UltraStudio 4K Extreme

Just got the Izoptope Productiopn Bundle for mastering in ProTools HD.

Purchasing the last JBL-LSR4328P Studio Monitor to complete my 5.1 Studio Grade Audio Post Production studio.

Bought the JLCooper AXOS Surround Panner for AVID Pro Tools for 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos Surround panning in Pro Tools HD

Purchased the Avid Artist Transport

Now mixing audio in Pro Tools with Avid Artist Control

Starting my Pro Tools Training next week. 1st course

Now running Fusion 8.1 Final Release for full integration with DaVinci Resolve

Now running DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Final Release

Just purchased Pro Tools 12 HD Native Omni Thunderbolt for full Post Production Surround Sound Audio work.

Until I get the Contour Shuttle working, ordered a DaVinci Resolve Keyboard skin. Also have a keyboard skin for Pro Tools as well.


Also added Black Magic Assistant, Kodak Cinema Tools, Cinema Forms, Celtx Shots and Reports apps to the Ipad

Added Green Screener App to both the Ipad and Iphone to assist in perfectly lighting green screens

Now I can automatically sync audio and video in post with the Tentacle Sync system in Resolve. No more having to align the clicks and rendering before editing.

Got the Black Magic Mini Monitor so now I can edit in Resolve with a big TV to view the footage.

Just purchased Izotope RX 5 Audio Editor and Boris Continuum Lights Unit For DaVinci Resolve and After Effects CC


Just purchased to ZOOM F8 Multitrack Field Recorder and PCF-8 Protective Case for on set and field sound effects audio recording


Training on another DaVinci Course for Color Correcting.

Just purchased 2 more JBL-LSR4328P Studio Monitors for my 5.1 mixing system. 1 more speaker to go until the 5.1 system is complete.

Just purchased 2 of the JBL-LSR4328P Studio Monitors for my 5.1 mixing system. 3 more speakers to go until it is complete.

Just got Carbon Copy Cloner to clone drives for back up and storage across multiple backup drives.

Got a Samsung UBD-K8500 UHD 4K Player to be able to view how movies are going to look in the new format for color correcting, and also to watch final
movies burnt to UHD 4K disc.

Just got OWC Drive Dock Thunderbolt 2 Dual Hard Drive Bay Solution for backup storage. No more waiting for slow USB 3.0

Doing a test edit with all shots with all lights to see which ones I need and which ones I do not need before shooting them. Also seeing if I
need two lights turned on at the same time for dramatic effect.

Just purchased Primatte for After Effects for keying as it is not turned on fully yet in Fusion, and keylight is having issues with BMPC 4K files.

Just purchased the Essence HDACC For High Res Audio for 5.1 and 7.1 24 bit 192 khz HD audio post work.

Upgraded Mac Production computer to Mac El Capitan so I now have 10 bit video out of it.

Just added Avid TL Space to our sound production platform

Added the Metropolitan Pack for Elements 3D V2

Just purchased Video Copilot's Elements 3D V2.2 for city background creation for Alone. Metropolitan Pack coming shortly.

Upgraded the Mac Pro 2013 to 128 GIGS of RAM for the ultimate production machine.

Miniature photography for ALONE begins on Halloween Day 2015

Been working a lot on my chimney business and buying a lot of film gear. Finally got my Video assist and I can start shooting miniatures. This
and the Lanc controller allows me to do the multiple passes I needed without having to touch the camera to adjust anything, and it also allows
me to record to a flash card on the unit to review takes without touching the camera. Will start shooting shortly.


Just Ordered my next Zeiss Prime Lens, Zeiss Milvus 35mm f/2. Next up is the 24mm f/2 lens.

Started getting my Zeiss Prime Lenses. Just purchased the 50mm f/1.4

Just added the Motion Dogs Wireless Follow Focus to our set of production tools.

Added a steadicam to our shooting arsenal.

A low resolution video test of adding flocks of birds into this shot. Still needs work until it is right but it is getting there

Just purchased a geared head for smooth, fluid panning and tilting shots. Owning one of these has long been a dream for me.

Adding the Black Magic Video Assist to our production arsenal. It is also an HD-SDI to HDMI Converter for on set dailies.

Just added the Contour Shuttle PRO v2 to our editing toolbox.

Also now using DaVinci Resolve 12 in Conjunction with Adobe Premiere

Now testing Fusion 8 Beta for Mac for compositing and EFX work

Just added a Wacom Intuos Creative Pen Tablet to our arsenal for matte painting in Photoshop and Fusion 8 work.

Just installed Blender for Mac OSX. Will be learning it with local Blender Pros to do the few things I need for it for the film.

Half way done with the Custom Cloak mechanism for the costume.


Finally starting to put together the mechanics for the cloak

Designing and building the inner structure for a part of the costume the main character wears in one scene.


Almost ready to shoot. After 2 months of trying various things to get smoke to come out of the chimney properly, I finally found a solution that looked correct.

Just installed UVI Synth Legacy and UVI Workstation 2. This gives us access to 50 more legacy synthesizers for musical scores.

Purchasing 1K tungsten lights for shooting miniatures.

Just purchased a Samsung UN32J500 32" Hi Def Monitor for monitoring both in post production, and after I get the UHD editing/Color correction
monitor, for on set work.

Currently learning the ins and outs of DaVinci Resolve 11. Even though I am not doing anything until DaVinci Resolve 12, which will have a different
user interface, most of the basics will be the same.

Now updated to Sound Soap 4 Noise Reduction.

Not a major acquisition or anything but finally got Windows out of my life and am entirely on Macintosh computers. No more Microsuck problems.

Just got an LG Electronics BE14NU40 14X Blu-ray burner with M-DISC Support for blue rays backups that last for 100 or more years. This will help out until we get the LTO tape backup.

We now have the complete Adobe Cloud package for Editing, EFX, etc.

Making my desk more organized. My new mac mini station. Now it is not taking up more space than it needs to on my desk. Once I get all the stuff transferred over to the mac mini and get
Photoshop on there I can give my windows computer to my friends and make a station for my mac pro and the drives in it's space and the desk can be more focused for film post gear.

Looks Like black Magic has finally updated Fusion 7 to work on the Mac and it will be released during NAB on April 7-11th. FINALLY! See the demo video by clicking on the image below.

3 more little things and my film production desk will be complete under the international rules of how film makers production desks are supposed to be. A little Christopher Reeve Superman, A little Michael Myers, and a little Bugs Bunny.
The the things that we have on our desk to remind us of the films that inspired us as film makers in some way will be complete. Even Spielberg has his on his desk and is always amazed when he sees something from one of his films on
another film makers desk that he inspired. Actually moving them to under and in front of the monitor when I get rid of my windows box. Also got John Carpenter's The Fog and Fright Night (1985) posters up now.


Green screen painted. And I painted it with UV paint so i can throw a black light up and get a perfectly lit green screen if necessary. Now to send the camera back to BM and have them fix it. While that is done figure
out a few more things like the in camera smoke stack. Get a new chrome HDRI ball in case I need to do anything CGI and I can knock out 3 shots. Then modify the top and redo another shot and this miniature gets
covered in case I need to do something with it again.

Painting green screens on miniature

With the shadow from the bridge from where the light will be for the front lightning blast of this shot. Will look much better with the mixed in smoked in pass, and of course the waterfall, river, smoke stack and rooms
lit by the fireplace and torch. but exactly what I wanted from the bridge shadow. Looks like I am going to have to use my 1K for the shot though as I want to shoot f11 ISO 400 and this was ISO 800 and f 5.6.

Structural detailing put on and painted base gray for now. This is just to create the shadow and reflection in the river. When it is in the shot I am going to be detaining it fully.

Vertical levels all cut and epoxied in. Now just cut a few pieces that are a little long, fill in the few holes with wood putty, paint it gray and mount it in place off camera to
throw shadow and I am closer to shooting first shot soon. After first shot, I need to un-mount it, detail it and put it in the landscape miniature I need to build.

All cut out, both sides epoxied/liquid nailed together and now let it dry and paint it gray. Then when I am done with this shot (cause it is off camera so no need for it for this shot)
detail it and paint it gray again and it will be in the shot. Took a lot longer to cut out hen I thought.

Miniature aqueduct bridge designed. Now I just got to double the wood up, cut all that detail out and put it all together and paint it all gray for now and mount it into position.

Cliff and bushes detail done. Now just a few more thing to detail, figure out a few technical things with the waterfall and smoke stack and some other stuff and I can start shooting it.

Base coat and light coat on the rear cliff. Still need to wait for the clay to cure more to finish it. I also need to flatten the brown on that one cliff.

Rear canyon walls above the Castle sculpted and done. Now to wait a few days for it to dry enough and crack, fill in the cracks, paint and detail with foliage.
Build the aqueduct bridge to make a shadow and I can shoot this thing after planning where I want the lighting for the lighting flashes to be.

Playing around with Film Emulators. May shoot this in Fuji 8543 if the Eastman 5248 does not look good. This is the Fuji with one light correction below.

Put the rear trees in. Now I just need to sculpt the cliff above the castle and do a little more detailing all around and I can shoot it.

Put some grass in on the far mountain so it does not look so bare. Now to start sculpting the cliff side to the left side of the castle (above the castle)
and start building the aqueduct framing miniature for the shadow now and to build it up to be in the other landscape miniature when I build that.

Finished locking down the Castle and island it is sitting on and detailed it with foliage and locked down both bridge. Now I just need
to figure out how to detail the area where the red arrow is pointing (on embiggen), finish the cliff face on the upper side of the castle,
and put trees and extend the waterfall green screen area out and it is time to shoot.

Finally got the cloud pass for not only the end titles but the rest of the shots looking out, but also have backup takes from different
days too for variety of what works for shot. Both before darkening (left image) to how it will look in the film (right image) after
processing. The cityscape in the shot will be replaced with a Transylvania landscape miniature.


Now have an Icy Dock Shell USB 3.0 External Enclosure for easy backup to external hard drive for extra copy storage.

Bridges worked. Now to finish the miniature.

One of the things I had to make today as I forgot how to address how they got on that castle in the middle of a river and next to a waterfall in the first place.
And these are the leftovers of the bridge after they blew large sections of it up. Also had to extend the island the castle is sitting on to accommodate one of them..
Also added back in the top spire missing on the tower, and a roof on that other missing piece in the rear.


Added the trees to the left side

Just got Poser 10 3D character Animation Program and Runtime DNA Render Studio Exclusive Bundle for Poser. Side-grading to Poser Pro 2014 soon.

Got the one wall of the production office official with movie poster goodness.

Finished the camera rig to lock down the camera in place so it does not move a millimeter during shooting multiple passes. Also added more bushes, detail etc.
Will be able to shoot it soon once I finish the missing pieces of the Castle and detail it more.


Just purchased part of the Studio Surround Monitors, the JBL LSR4312SP Sub-woofer with room control, and LSR 4300 Room control kit. Now only
5 JBL LSR4326P speakers away from a proper studio 5.1 surround monitoring system for mixing and mastering audio in Pro-Tools. Go to this page to
see what these studio monitors do (click here).


Adding foliage and more detail. Still have not put trees in yet.

Adding some decor to the Post Production Office. This is just the start of making it look official.

Much more grass added and ready to start putting bushes and shrubbery. This is washed out due to it being in
negative mode with a simple lift in brightness, and does not reflect the look as it will appear in the finished film.

Adding grass and dirt to the miniature. This is brighter than it will be shot.

Another official Cue for the score. It will have a few more sounds layered onto it in the end


Working on the score for Alone. First official final cue


Just acquired the Avid Artist Color panel for pro color correction capabilities with Davince 11

Adding trees on the left side and getting ready to paint the miniature

Building the right canyon cliff wall


Halfway done with left side canyon


Starting to detail paint the left side of the miniature


Custom trees are now in. Just waiting for them to dry, then pull them out and paint the landscape, then glue them back into place.


New Production/Editing desk now up with almost 85% of what I need to Post Produce films (Some things like RAID, DLT Tape Backup, and a few other things still missing)

We now have SoundSoap 3 for the mac which is also a plug-in for Pro Tools 11

Just upgraded to DaVinci 11 and purchased the Film Convert Plug-in for DaVinci


Sculpting the Transylvania landscape in the larger miniature.


New Alone Teaser Poster coming shortly.

Black Magic 4K Camera is updated to Firmware 1.8 and now has Lossless Compressed RAW DNG recording support, meaning I can now start shooting miniatures after I finish building them.
Clay is ordered and being shipped and continued building of the miniature will start as soon as it arrives.

Just received our Black Magic Multidock Thunderbolt 2 raid/capture station.

We now have a LaCie 3TB d2 USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series Hard Drive for temp storage between the Thunderbolt 2 multidock and the raid storage drive

Currently building out the 285th scale miniature landscape to be able to shoot the 4 shots it is featured in


We now have the Arturia V 2 collection of classics synths installed on the Mac

Now monitoring in 4K 10 bit AdobeRGB

Now editing in 4K on a Mac Pro 2013

We now have Pro Tools 11 to do film quality audio work

Alone was original planned to be shot in 1920 X 1080 2K. After talking to Macintosh and BMD

We have received our Black Magic 4K Production Camera and are testing it now for shooting, as well as building the new 4K post infrastructure.

We are in the process of shooting the completed miniatures for EFX work and building larger versions of some miniatures for miniature sets.